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Skin Gone Crazy After Change in Skin Care?

Have you ever changed your skin care products and your skin has gone bonkers?

Skin breakout
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Most of my clients who change over to the fabulous Eve Taylor's Aromatherapy skin care range give me nothing but glowing reports; however I have had some clients almost go into a state of panic when they have moved over as their skin has reacted either by the way of some sharp tingling, the appearance of extreme dehydration or breakouts when the first start to use it.  

"Panic not!" I say, here is an explanation of what is happening...

don't panic
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If you moved to range like Eve Taylor that does not use mineral oils or other ingredients that suppress the skin and its ability to excrete toxins, you may temporarily experience an 'Acid Mantle Reaction' as your skin readjusts and begins to function effectively, any toxins that were there will come out. In fact the same happened to me only last year when I developed Asthma and had to change to the Soothing range.

Persevere and you will find after a few days and your skin will start to re balance itself and the sensation will subside.

Acid Mantle Explained

acid mantle
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The 'acid mantle' is a slightly acidic film on the surface of the skin which protects it from bacteria and infection and maintains the ph balance (4.5 - 5.5). It is made up of a combination of secretions of sebum (skin oil) and sweat. Bacteria thrive on alkalinity so this acidity keeps them at bay.

skins ph
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Many people with oily skin or acne who use astringent and high alkaline products in hope they will strip their skin of the perceived evil that is 'oil', end up in a vicious circle. This is because the skins protective oils and water have been stripped away, disrupting the acid mantle, making the skin more prone to infection, damage, premature ageing and those nasty bacteria can thrive merrily away. The immune system then responds in producing more sebum which is further stripped and eventually ANGRY SPOTS occur and even DEHYDRATION!

Aromatherapy based ranges such as Eve Taylor contain oxygen loaded essential oils which detoxinate, hydrate and oxygenate the skin. Oxygen kills bacteria regulating sebum production and in turn switching off the immune system response and healing the skin. Pretty clever stuff and all from nature!

Oxygen via Robert Tisserand

Of course water, diet, lifestyle, medication and health all have a massive part to play in the health of your skin, but that's a whole host of other articles!

Ask The Experts
I truly believe the importance of seeking advice from a professional before changing your skincare if you want to maximise the results, after all your skin is your body's biggest organ - it's pretty darn important and we do love to help!

It's been said Beauty Therapists know more about the skin than a GP - need I say more to convince you we know our stuff? (Imagine a big cheeky smile!)

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I know there are many products out there available on the shelves, but nothing beats getting advice from an expert who can spend time assessing your skins needs and your lifestyle. Otherwise it could be a whole waste of money.

Feel free to leave comments below and any questions you have and I'll try my hardest to help!

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