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COMING SOON to Rituals Beauty - Outback Organics

I am super excited to announce  Outback Organics Tea Tree products will be available from Rituals Beauty soon.

Outback Organics
These unbelievably effective products are for use after waxing or any hair removal to keep those pesky ingrown hairs away.

I suffer badly from ingrown hairs and have rigorously tested these products myself... and I can tell you they are truly amazing - and I am very very fussy!!!

Outback Organics

Outback Organics is a British company. I feel it's incredibly important to support British companies and especially ethical ones.  I am very proud that I will soon be part of the team and must say their customer care is second to none.

The products are free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, SLES, mineral oils, synthetic fragrance and propylene glycol. They are not tested on animals and are free from harsh synthetics or man-made chemicals. The kind of products I LOVE!

Australian Tea Tree
Australian Tea Tree. Image via Flickr

The products contain natural, organic plants which are ethically sourced from a company in Australia who financially support the indigenous people who plant and harvest them. 
Tea Tree oil is the perfect solution to many skin care needs, in fact it has been found to be ten times more powerful than carbolic acid but is non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin (use as a mild dilution to start with).Tea tree oil has been proven to be a powerful yet natural antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal medicine (essential oil). 
Source: Outback Organics

My Tried and Tested Products

Hand & Body Lotion 100ml tube £5.99 or 250ml pump bottle £9.99 
This nourishing hand and body lotion is rich in Macadamia Oil that quenches and soothes dry, itchy skin, leaving it silky soft and deeply hydrated. It contains pure Tea Tree and Anisata (antiseptic) essential oils. It is safe and gentle enough to use straight after hair removal and can help prevent and treat of ingrown hairs- as I have experienced to my delight! I have very dry and sensitive skin and I had absolutely no problems.

I had no ingrown hairs on my legs or bikini line for the whole year I was using the Hand & Body lotion and now they are back after a long break - well not for long! Never again will I be without this little baby.
Outback Organics Hand and Body Lotion

Ingrown Hair Serum 8ml roller ball £7.50 
This is 'the ultimate defence in the fight against ingrown hairs' - yeah baby! A powerful, dual-action product containing super duper effective fruit enzymes from Pineapple and Papaya, which nibble away at your dead skin cells like a possy of lil Pacmans! These enzymes are blended with betaine salicylate (polysaccharide from Sugar Beet) to exfoliate the area where your hair is trapped. Those stubborn ingrowns are freed from captivity revealing smooth, blemish-free skin. Great for both men and women. It's super handy to pop in your bag.

Outback Organics Ingrown Hair Serum

Face & Body Scrub  100ml tube £8.99 
This gentle exfoliating scrub is suitable for the face and body to lift hairs and prepare the skin for waxing. So great for men too!

This rich, moisturising scrub contains gentle but effective Jojoba micro-beads to buff away dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling silky soft and no scratching your delicate precious skin.

It is infused with some of my favourite essential oils:
Bergamot orange (antiseptic), Sandalwood (skin softener, antiseptic, anti inflammatory and super nourishing), Patchouli (healing and anti inflammatory) and Rose (nourishing, soothing and antiseptic).

Outback Organics Face and Body Scrub

These products have well and truly earned a place on my Hero Product List!

Always do the patch test before applying any products to detect the reaction of your skin.

Other products in the range are available upon request - don't be shy!

To order any product from Rituals Beauty, call 0789 4120073 or email If you aren't local, I offer a postal service for a little extra cost.

Outback Organics

Images via Outback Organics

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