Friday, 27 July 2012

Worried About The Recent Press On Safety of Spray Tans?

You may have read in the press recently about the links between Spray Tans and fertility or cancer. Confused? Well read on...
Image via Show Me Money

I'm not a scientist and don't know all the brands ingredients lists on the marketbut I did cover this briefly in my article Spray Tans and Self Tans - The Safer Option back in June:
Spray Tans and Self Tans - The Safer Option 
We are all aware of the dangers of sun beds and over exposure to harmful UV rays. Research shows the main cause of premature ageing is UV (ultraviolet) radiation from either sun beds or the sun itself. AND let's NEVER forget the potential risk of skin cancer. When it comes to Vanity vs. Health - health wins hands down every time for me.
So the best way to look like a bronzed goddess, retain a youthful and healthy skin is to go for a Spray Tan or use one of the fantastic Self Tan products out there. There are many products available, but I prefer to go for the Organic ones that are free from nasty and potentially harmful chemicals - I don't see the point in having a UVA free tan if the ingredients aren't safe. Read more...
I know the press are renowned for scaremongering and blowing things out of proportion; but on this occasion I agree there are certain tanning brands out there that do use these harmful chemicals. As always with links with cancer etc. there often isn't any concrete evidence and it takes a long time to prove these things. However I for one don't want to take the risk, especially as there are products available that don't contain these chemicals and give amazing tans.

Image via Spa Week Blog

Those who are conscious of the dangers of sunbeds must be mortified that the Spray Tans and Self Tans they have been using could turn out to be unsafe too. The companies who use these chemicals need to seriously look at safer formulas, there is no excuse, as I said before there are fantastic products out there which don't contain them and have amazing results. 

Please don't think just because your tan is a well known brand or expensive or you go to a nice salon that it won't contain these ingredients - it's always best to check and you can always contact the tanning company direct as they are obliged to tell you. 

I'm very proud to say my salon, Rituals Beauty has always used Nouvatan which was not only chosen for it's amazing natural colour but most importantly it doesn't contain these nasty chemicals. My client's safety and health concerns are paramount to me.

Here is a quote straight Nouvatan themselves, following the recent reports:
OFFICIAL NOTICE! Anyone who has seen the scare mongering in The Sun this morning regarding spray tanning. You will be pleased to know Nouvatan does not contain any of the chemicals mentioned as being a potential danger. And never has done. 
To recap Nouvatan Spray Tan and Self Tans have 100% active organic ingredients, are dermatologically tested, free from harmful parabens, alcohol and oils and aren't tested on animals.

So next time you are thinking of having a Spray Tan or purchasing a Self Tan why not search for a local Nouvatan therapist or email their friendly team to find your nearest stockist or therapist. You can rest assured with Nouvatan you can have a safe NO UVA Tan!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Beautiful Cupcake Gallery - Summer Time

It's a well know fact in Britain we are having the worst summer on record!

Summer rain
Image via Ross Barbera

However as I'm tapping away merrily on my keyboard the sun is shining, the birds are singing their merry tune and our garden is full with plump bouncy bushes and an abundance of gorgeous flowers. So while the summer is acting like summer, here is my Beautiful Cupcake Gallery on all things summery.

Summer to me is...

spending plenty time in the garden
Garden cupcakes
By the very creative Cup Cake Plans

Garden cupcakes
Garden party cupcakes by Womans Day complete with recipe...
good luck!

Lots of cream teas with fresh sweet strawberries and of course lashings of cake...

Tea cup cupcake
Very British and so much better than Tetley - from Bake Me

Tea cup cupcakes
Beautifully presented by the lovely and very clever
Bev Spooner at Bake That

Tea cup cupcakes
I love the simple elegance and stunning colours in these cupcakes, plus I'm a sucker for anything Art Nouveau.

Ice cream is a must for any summer day out...

mmm a yummy selection from Lizzie Loves Cakes in Manchester:
Ice cream cupcakes
Ice cream and cupcake in one - double treat!

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside...
summer cupcakes

Oh I do love to be beside the sea! tra la la la la
summer cupcakes

summer cupcakes
Mini ocean scenes by the lovely Jo Takes The Cake

Ice cream cupcakes
Posh 99!

Enjoy your summer! xx

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Naturally Beautiful - Purple

I'm in love with nature's stunning purple and fuchsia this summer. 

Lavender image Sisley Garden Emporium

My lavender plant is looking particularly stunning this year (probably due to the huge amount of rain we've had in the UK) and I can't help noticing purple beauty everywhere! Apparently purple symbolises - royalty, magic and mystery - ah so that's why I love it so!

So here's some of nature's finest visual eye candy for you...

Liliac Stairway
Stunning lilac stairway via Muileh Skincare on Pinterest

Purple Haze Lavender Farm

Provence house
Simple but so stunning. Image via Chic Provence

Purple garden
I want a garden like this - NOW - pretty please!

Spanish garden outdoor dining
And this - oh I could while away many an hour here with my beloved Kindle! Image via Home Interior Design

Aubergines really are a beautiful vegetable. They are smooth, satin soft, plump with just the right amount of firm - just like a baby's bottom! Plus they are incredibly versatile, soak up flavours are super good for you as they are packed full of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, folic acid and beta-carotene!

In Chinese medicine they are great for clearing food 
stagnant in the intestine, haemorrhoids and heat in the digestive system. Read more at Ping Ming Health.

fuchsia plant
When we were kids I was obsessed with the fuchsia bush in the front garden of a house in the next street - I used to imagine them turning into fairy ballerinas at night! Apologies to whoever owned the plant for all the discarded popped flowers on the pavement - erm it was me sorry!!

purple sunset
Stunning purple sunset
Image via Thursday Sweet Treat

I am fascinated with India, one day I'll get to visit.

Indian spice market
Such stunning colours in the Spice Market At Mysore

Bangalore flower market
WOW Bangalore flower market.
Image via 
Ojosdalits' photostream on Flickr

In India Head Massage we work on balancing the Chakra's (spinning energy channels). The Crown Chakra is purple/violet, it's also known as the Third Eye. It relates to inner vision, self knowledge and spiritual awareness. If it is balanced and unblocked – we have intuition, good memory, are perceptive and at peace. If it's out of balance and blocked – we have poor vision, anxious nightmares and are forgetful.

Chakras spinning energy channels. Image via Media Photobucket

Actually it's I've just realised it's not a recent obsession, even my wedding bouquet 6 years ago was made with purple Calla Lilies!

purple calla lily bouquet
Made especially for me by my very clever mother-in-law!

purple calla lily bouquet

Bye for now!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Reading Rituals - Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

I have just finished this wonderful book and had to share it with you.

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

If you love books about romance, food, summery gardens and mystical happenings; then this book is for you... 

What I loved most about Garden Spells was the fact it is so believable - imagine your favourite fairy tale but grown up. Plus I'm a sucker for anything about nature's powerful gifts. 

Relaxing with a book
A perfect holiday read I say!
Image via Flickr - Zanzibar

The book had a warming, almost soporific effect on me - a great book for those who need something to chill out with or send them peacefully on their journey to the land of nod.

For a summary on the book visit Goodreads - Garden SpellsI love this site, if you haven't used it and love books then it's definitely worth taking a peek.
goodreads logo
Goodreads is a free website for book lovers. Imagine it as a large library that you can wander through and see everyone's bookshelves, their reviews, and their ratings. You can also post your own reviews and catalog what you have read, are currently reading, and plan to read in the future. Don’t stop there – join a discussion group, start a book club, contact an author, and even post your own writing. 
I find the summaries are much better than the likes of Amazon and there are lots of reviews from the public. You can hook up with your friend's bookshelves, link it to your Facebook or Twitter feeds view recommendations based on your bookshelf. I've found lots of new books through this site and discarded others I may have bought and been disappointed in.

To read about all of Sarah's books visit her website.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Busy As A Bee

Hi there

I've got an incredibly busy week in the salon this week; so not much time left to blog I'm afraid.

Little Miss Busy cupcake
I just love it when I find a cupcake for a non cupcake post! 
Image via Flickr

I've just launched my Rituals Beauty Nouvatan Tanning Parties - and I have my first one booked in for Friday evening - for 10 people! I can't wait!

So with that I'll leave you with a thought that sums up how I'm feeling...

Great work Steve Jobs
Sadly missed - but perfect quote from Steve Jobs

If you'd like to find out more about my Tanning Parties, visit my Facebook page or email for details.
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