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Designers Block - written by Di Overton designer of the gorgeous Ghost Furniture and an extremely influential design blogger.

Fancy Windows - written by the lovely Eva from Italy, with stunning images on decor, lifestyle and fashion.

Things We Make - written by Claire and Ed who like to make stuff, Claire makes food and Ed makes furniture.

Thoughts In Little Boxes - very cleverly thought out blog written by the gorgeous Carly; a writer and social media gal! Something for everyone.

The Paupers Kitchen - written by Charlotte Roll, an English woman living in Paris with a major passion for food. And boy can she cook - I should know she is my little sister!

Incredible Things - introduces you to a vast array of incredible things, so interesting.

Paris Breakfast - written by Carol an American artist when adores Paris. She takes you on a journey of her art adventures.

Elizabeth Bard - the author of the fabulous book Lunch In Paris. Taking you on more of her fascinating discoveries of her new home in Provence and of course food!

All Lacquered Up - great reference to see a nail colour in action before buying. Lots of pictures of the polish on actual nails.

Recipes From a Normal Mum - written by Holly, a mum and Great British Bake Off 2011 contestant.

Bippityboppityboo - a vast collection of amazingly interesting images and quotes.

Me And My Sweets written by a lovely Swedish lady who has a passion for baking. Her recipes are to die for and her wares are beautifully presented.

Two Peas And Their Pod - so many gorgeous, family friendly recipes from Maria and Josh.

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