Sunday, 15 July 2012

Naturally Beautiful - Purple

I'm in love with nature's stunning purple and fuchsia this summer. 

Lavender image Sisley Garden Emporium

My lavender plant is looking particularly stunning this year (probably due to the huge amount of rain we've had in the UK) and I can't help noticing purple beauty everywhere! Apparently purple symbolises - royalty, magic and mystery - ah so that's why I love it so!

So here's some of nature's finest visual eye candy for you...

Liliac Stairway
Stunning lilac stairway via Muileh Skincare on Pinterest

Purple Haze Lavender Farm

Provence house
Simple but so stunning. Image via Chic Provence

Purple garden
I want a garden like this - NOW - pretty please!

Spanish garden outdoor dining
And this - oh I could while away many an hour here with my beloved Kindle! Image via Home Interior Design

Aubergines really are a beautiful vegetable. They are smooth, satin soft, plump with just the right amount of firm - just like a baby's bottom! Plus they are incredibly versatile, soak up flavours are super good for you as they are packed full of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, folic acid and beta-carotene!

In Chinese medicine they are great for clearing food 
stagnant in the intestine, haemorrhoids and heat in the digestive system. Read more at Ping Ming Health.

fuchsia plant
When we were kids I was obsessed with the fuchsia bush in the front garden of a house in the next street - I used to imagine them turning into fairy ballerinas at night! Apologies to whoever owned the plant for all the discarded popped flowers on the pavement - erm it was me sorry!!

purple sunset
Stunning purple sunset
Image via Thursday Sweet Treat

I am fascinated with India, one day I'll get to visit.

Indian spice market
Such stunning colours in the Spice Market At Mysore

Bangalore flower market
WOW Bangalore flower market.
Image via 
Ojosdalits' photostream on Flickr

In India Head Massage we work on balancing the Chakra's (spinning energy channels). The Crown Chakra is purple/violet, it's also known as the Third Eye. It relates to inner vision, self knowledge and spiritual awareness. If it is balanced and unblocked – we have intuition, good memory, are perceptive and at peace. If it's out of balance and blocked – we have poor vision, anxious nightmares and are forgetful.

Chakras spinning energy channels. Image via Media Photobucket

Actually it's I've just realised it's not a recent obsession, even my wedding bouquet 6 years ago was made with purple Calla Lilies!

purple calla lily bouquet
Made especially for me by my very clever mother-in-law!

purple calla lily bouquet

Bye for now!


  1. Makes me want to be in Provence xx

    1. I know, was trying to create my own bit of purple heaven today with a gorgeous new hanging basket I bought...
      It fell off the hook face down and now looks like I got it from the reject bin - devastated!

  2. I have just noticed I reared a thug. Who's flowers were they?

    1. Hee hee about the only rebellious thing I did! It was the house opposite those public mens toilets!


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