Monday, 18 February 2013

I've Got Exciting News!

Just had to tell you my latest news, as I'm very very VERY excited!!!!

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I've just finalised dates for a Reflexology Course starting next month - eeek!! It's going to be an intense 8+ months but my dream of becoming a fully fledged Holistic Therapist is on the horizon! This is something I've dreamt of for a long time and I can't wait to get my teeth into it - or should that be thumbs!

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I can't believe it's nearly 6 years since I spontaneously decided to pop down to Newcastle College's final day of enrolment and came out signed up for a 'Beauty Therapy' course. In fact believe it or not I shrank away from the 'Holistic' course as it involved masses of feet touching i.e. Reflexology! I used to have a bit of foot phobia including my own feet! Now I'm absolutely fascinated by them, and love nothing more than when my client asks for a foot massage as part of their pampering treatment!

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There will be a lot of written work and case studies to be done alongside running the salon; so apologies if my blog posts are a bit sporadic. Saying that no doubt I'll be picking up plenty of new and interesting health facts and tips on my learning journey that I'll want to pass on to my lovely readers.

Association of Reflexologists

One day I'll be able to register with the well respected Association of Reflexologists and proudly display their logo on my website, treatment menu etc.

I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to my fabulous hubby and incredible son for supporting me every step of the way in this amazing career I've discovered. I'm a very lucky girl.

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Also big thanks to my parents, in-laws, siblings and friends for all your help, support, bodies to practice on and listening ears when I enthusiastically impart my ever growing knowledge on you! Oh and I'll be needing your feet to practice on - gosh it must be a hard life for you guys!!

Sara x


  1. Wow, great to see you following on with your dreams! I too am not a great lover of feet but hugely interested in reflexology. I thought of doing it as a night course next year alongside level 3 but the tutor has advised me not to as it is pretty intense on it's own. Looking forward to reading about your journey into reflexology!

    1. I would definitely follow your tutors advice it is very intense, even more so than beauty. There are 100 case studies, plus in depth assignments to do, forgot how intense they can be and with it being complimentary therapies a lot of it is theories and your take on them rather than given fact like beauty therapy so makes research even more complex.

      Fabulous though, I got to work on some points on client this evening to end her massage - she loved it and felt completely zonked!

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  3. congratulation for your dream come true. I always waiting for your journey into reflexology. good luck


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