Thursday, 27 September 2012

Skin Gone Crazy After Change in Skin Care?

Have you ever changed your skin care products and your skin has gone bonkers?

Skin breakout
Image via Skincare News

Most of my clients who change over to the fabulous Eve Taylor's Aromatherapy skin care range give me nothing but glowing reports; however I have had some clients almost go into a state of panic when they have moved over as their skin has reacted either by the way of some sharp tingling, the appearance of extreme dehydration or breakouts when the first start to use it.  

"Panic not!" I say, here is an explanation of what is happening...

don't panic
Image via Kick Panic Away

If you moved to range like Eve Taylor that does not use mineral oils or other ingredients that suppress the skin and its ability to excrete toxins, you may temporarily experience an 'Acid Mantle Reaction' as your skin readjusts and begins to function effectively, any toxins that were there will come out. In fact the same happened to me only last year when I developed Asthma and had to change to the Soothing range.

Persevere and you will find after a few days and your skin will start to re balance itself and the sensation will subside.

Acid Mantle Explained

acid mantle
Image via Health Mango

The 'acid mantle' is a slightly acidic film on the surface of the skin which protects it from bacteria and infection and maintains the ph balance (4.5 - 5.5). It is made up of a combination of secretions of sebum (skin oil) and sweat. Bacteria thrive on alkalinity so this acidity keeps them at bay.

skins ph
Image via Buzz on Beauty

Many people with oily skin or acne who use astringent and high alkaline products in hope they will strip their skin of the perceived evil that is 'oil', end up in a vicious circle. This is because the skins protective oils and water have been stripped away, disrupting the acid mantle, making the skin more prone to infection, damage, premature ageing and those nasty bacteria can thrive merrily away. The immune system then responds in producing more sebum which is further stripped and eventually ANGRY SPOTS occur and even DEHYDRATION!

Aromatherapy based ranges such as Eve Taylor contain oxygen loaded essential oils which detoxinate, hydrate and oxygenate the skin. Oxygen kills bacteria regulating sebum production and in turn switching off the immune system response and healing the skin. Pretty clever stuff and all from nature!

Oxygen via Robert Tisserand

Of course water, diet, lifestyle, medication and health all have a massive part to play in the health of your skin, but that's a whole host of other articles!

Ask The Experts
I truly believe the importance of seeking advice from a professional before changing your skincare if you want to maximise the results, after all your skin is your body's biggest organ - it's pretty darn important and we do love to help!

It's been said Beauty Therapists know more about the skin than a GP - need I say more to convince you we know our stuff? (Imagine a big cheeky smile!)

Image via KCM Blog

I know there are many products out there available on the shelves, but nothing beats getting advice from an expert who can spend time assessing your skins needs and your lifestyle. Otherwise it could be a whole waste of money.

Feel free to leave comments below and any questions you have and I'll try my hardest to help!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Autumn - it's here!

With a huge gust of wind and heavy rain!

Here are some lovely Autumnal images to remind us why Autumn is such a gorgeous season, I truly love it; even though we've had naf all summer!

Autumn quote
So true. Image via The Inspired Room

New England in the Fall
One year I must experience Fall in New England. Image via

Until then we'll be spending lots of time exploring our many stunning National Trust locations. Especially Cragside...

Cragside forest

Cragside Estate, image via Wikipedia

I love to snuggle up with my little one and this perfect autumn read...
Pumpkin Soup book
Such a wonderful story and has the most gorgeous illustrations...

Pumpkin Soup book
Images via Amazon

Mince and dumplings
Mmmm Mince and Dumplings - the ultimate comfort food in our family.
The Paupers Kitchen Mince and Dumplings - my lil sister's recipe - yummy yummy on my tummy! 

And of course there are plenty celebrations to be had with family and friends...
halloween decoration
Stunning Halloween garden. Image via Country Living

Bonfire night
Oooo aahhh. Image via Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service
Toasting marshmallows by the fire
A perfect bonfire treat via My Life Write

Jamie Oliver's Epic Hot Chocolate recipe
None of these would be complete without Jamie Oliver's Epic Hot Chocolate recipe - OMG who could resist?!

OOOO absolute heaven - I can assure you I'll be doing plenty of this!
Image via

I could go on and on, however I'm craving a hot chocolate, my slippers and Kindle! 

Look out for some great Autumn skincare tips coming soon...

Bye for now, have a fabulous Autumn xx

Friday, 14 September 2012

Mornings Will Never Be The Same

I'm not the best on a morning, I like my own space for an hour or so just to get my happy hormones flowing. But being a mum of a school child that's not always possible.

Don't Like Mornings
Image via I sell Dreams

So to get me going on a morning we listen to Chris Moyles Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 1 on the school run and boy does it make us laugh. Well no more...

Chris Moyles Breakfast team

Today I watched and listened to the last ever show and I must say it was rather emotional.

The first time I ever heard of Chris was when he had the very early morning show on Radio 11 and my Grandfather's funeral featured as a question on his quiz - not I didn't hear it but a colleague did!

My Grandad Bill's funeral made the national news in 1997 when it stopped the traffic in Hartlepool and we played the theme tune to 'Match of The Day' when people came in and Monty Python's 'Always Look On The Bright Side of Life' when the coffin went behind the curtains. He was such a funny, popular man I'll never forget him, he was like a second dad and I so wish our son had met him.

Grandad was sports mad (watching rather than doing!) He was constantly flicking the TV over to check the scores and when Teletext was born he was in his element. You could be watching Neighbours and you could be sure Teletext would pop up just as Charlene and Scott were about to kiss! I tell you he would have watched pea shooting if it was on the TV!

His funeral flowers from the family consisted of his favourite team QPR at the top of the league on a Teletext screen and a tea pot with a tea bag hanging out of it - boy did that man love a cuppa with his sport!

So to round things up I'd just like to say Chris and the team will be sadly missed on my daily grumpy school run!

Best of luck to Chris and all of your fantastic team in your future projects. Thanks for cheering this lady up on a daily basis. Take care xx

Nick Grimshaw Radio 1
Nick Grimshaw image via NME

And best of luck to Nick Grimshaw and his team - look forward to hearing your new breakfast show.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Papercut Commission for the Salon

At long last I've chosen a frame for my gorgeous papercut commission for the salon from the fantastically talented By Charlie's Hand in Newport.

Papercut By Charlie's Hand

Don't you just love it!!!

Now to choose the perfect spot on the wall...

If you would like to see more of Charlie's work visit her facebook page or email her at

Friday, 7 September 2012

Pure Torture!

I've just had news the Kindle Fire Family is coming to the UK! I got my Kindle for my 40th birthday less than a year ago so I really can't justify buying a new one - but I tell ya... it's going to be pure torture!

Big drool coming up....

Kindle Fire
7" LCD Display, Wi-Fi, 8GB

Kindle Fire HD
7" HD Display, Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Dual-Antenna Wi-Fi, 
16GB £159 or 32GB £199

The Kindle Fire Family is a range of tablets set to rival Apple's IPad which I adore by the way! The Fire is different to previous Kindles with web access, apps, games, email, movies and more! It has a new high resolution colour screen - Oh My! and with speakers on both sides it sounds blooming fab! The original Fire previously only available in the US is now on it s 3rd upgrade. The HD version will be available in the US from September 14th so us Brits are not having to hang on for very long this time!

If you haven't got a Kindle, are dubious about them or love the feel of a book in your hand, I really do highly recommend them. I've always been a bookworm and would spend my spare time as a child holed up in the library or in the corner of the children's section of the local bookshop, so I could never picture myself with one, however I couldn't go back now:

Darlington Library - my favourite place when I was little! 
How old do I feel... I could only find a black and white image?!!!

Here are just some of the great reasons to take the plunge!
  • Super light and super portable.
  • You still get to go shopping for a book - you just don't have to wait for the shops to open! 
  • You get to sample 2 chapters without fearing the shop assistant is going to tell you off!
  • Your hands don't suffer from the drying effect of paper.
  • When reading outside the wind doesn't flap your pages about.
  • When you on your hols, you can lie face down on your sun lounger and read it hands free - no arm ache from holding the pages still!
  • It's easy to read lying in bed, no dropping a heavy book on your face! 
  • If you're stuck on a word it has its own dictionary - just move the cursor to the beginning of the word and et voilĂ  - a definition all ready for you!
  • If you forget who a character is, you can do a search and every occurrence of their name comes up for you to read that section.
  • And of course you can read Fifty Shades in public without being embarrassed!

There are now 5 Kindles to choose from starting form £69 - £199. Go on treat yourself; I beg you though please don't tell me if you get the new Fire! 

The Kindle Fire Family is being released on October 25th, but you can pre order yours on Amazon now.

Little update:
After posting this article, I received an email from
We're delighted to announce that the brand new Kindle family is now available for pre-order at all Waterstones bookshops....  
We're not stopping there, though. We're also busy rolling out free Wi-Fi to all our bookshops so that Kindle users can enjoy a new in-store experience. Look out for further announcements.
My gorgeous Waterstones in Emerson Chambers Blackett Street, Newcastle. Image via flickr

Also they will have digital areas for Kindle users to browse for books digitally and receive special offers and discounts in store.

Eeek I can't wait and what with their in-store new coffee shops, it makes having a Kindle even more fun! Ah coffee and books... Pure heaven!

If would like to order through Waterstones click here for more details.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

It's The Little Things...

Just had to share this lil story with you as it's so sweet!

I would never have thought our son's new little walk in 'pick n mix' cereal bar I created for him today would have got such a fantastic reaction from him. You'd have thought I had got him a Nimbus 2000!

Cereal storage

Major hugs and gushing praise, he said 'I love it, it's the best thing ever, it's like a sweet shop!".

Who said kids nowadays only appreciate expensive toys like DS's and PS3's?! Super duper looks like Santa will be pimping his wardrobe for Xmas!

Hero Product - Eve Taylor Active Rub Muscle & Joint Gel

I can't rave enough about this incredibly effective aromatherapy Muscle & Joint Gel from Eve Taylor. I often pop some Active Rub on my clients at the end of massage treatments and get great feedback. In fact many of my clients have a tube tucked away in their bag when they need some soothing.

Eve Taylor Active Rub
Image via Eve Taylor

It contains a combination of Aloe Vera and a wonderful blend of time honoured warming and pain killing essential oils such as Marjoram, Rosemary, Ginger, Clove Thyme and Black Pepper. It smells fab too!!

Active Rub is so effective and has so many uses, I thought it deserved a blog post all of its own!
The new alternative to conventional muscle and joint gels. Easily applied, Active Rub is immediately effective, (kicks in, in about 2 minutes) without the nasty lingering smell.
Active Rub does not rely on any heat process and with no uncomfortable burning sensation can be effectively used for all ages.
Unlike current brands available active rub’s combination of Essential oils in an Aloe Vera based gel provide a triple active effect.
Active Rub is formulated to soothe sensitivity, draining toxins and stimulate the circulation.
Wonder Woman
Active Rub is like Wonder Woman in a tube!

Times when Active Rub has come to the rescue:
  • On my foot when tripped over a huge concrete block on holiday! Ouch!
  • On my hands when they have become tired from massage - before I learnt my hands free tricks!
  • On my son's twisted ankle
  • On my shoulders from a hard day's work in the salon and at the computer
  • On my sore tummy muscles from Pilates class!
Other uses:
  • Any activity or job that creates extra stress and strain on the muscles i.e. computer/desk work, nurses, teachers, gardeners 
  • Aches from lugging around young children - I like to call it 'mummy shoulders'! 
  • Tired aching feet - after a night out in heels or shopping!  
  • Pre and after sports - I always carry one in my gym bag.
  • Great for joggers
  • Golfers
  • Marathon runners
  • For those whose mobility may be impaired due to muscle or joint sensitivity.
  • Sprains
  • Repetitive strain
  • Helps ease discomfort for Rheumatics and Arthritis
  • Children's growing pains - on children be sure to use a very small amount
  • Eve Taylor herself uses it every morning on her shoulders, hips and knees. She is an unbelievably sprightly lady at 80 years, but she tells me her stiff joints do need a kick start when she gets out of bed.
The list is endless....

Eve Taylor OBE
The lovely Eve receiving her OBE. Image via Spa Business

Available from Rituals Beauty at only £6.99 for a 75ml tube. Remember a little goes a long way!

To order any product from Rituals Beauty, call 0789 4120073 or email If you aren't local, I offer a postal service for a little extra cost. Now taking Paypal.
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