Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Multitasking Mums

travelling mum
 Sara has jetted off to the sun and given me free rein to write a post in her absence. My name is Di Overton and I am the Mother of Sara the author of this blog. I feel a bit like a burglar coming in here and posting just what I like. I am hugely proud of my daughter and as a professional blogger myself I truly respect what she has created here.
walking the dog mum
 I can't say it was easy persuading her to write a blog but now she has started there is no stopping her. Apart from running her own business - Rituals Beauty (oh how I love having a daughter that is a beautician) she like many other women has to juggle all the other things in life like
housework mum
cooking mum
gardening mum
 Gardening (well neither her or I are any good at this one)
diy mum
 Fixing stuff
laundry mum
 Washing and ironing

organised mum
 Scheduling both her business and personal life
working mum
 Writing her blog and keeping accounts
photography mum
 Recording little Billy's progress in life
shopping mum

yoga mum
Keeping fit and yet she still manages to look sexy. Well done mum
All these fabulous images are by the hugely talented photographer Heidi Lender. Her project about Mothers is called - She Can Leap Tall Buildings


  1. Hi Sara and Di,
    Great to see you here!
    Wishing you both the very best!
    Great images by Heidi Lender!!


  2. Ah yes, she can leap tall buildings - that sums up many women I know, including you Di!


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