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How to Fight Colds And Flu Naturally and Effectively

It seems a number of my lovely clients are under the weather with cold or flu at the moment. So with this in mind this has led me to write this post...

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In 2011 I was hospitalised with Pneumonia after suffering from countless severe colds and chest infections. I normally steer clear of antibiotics (being the natural kind of lady) but as I'd been ill on and off for over 5 months I had actually taken a good few courses, but nothing seemed to be working.

My doctor was also concerned that I had asthma - this unfortunately took 3 months just to get an appointment with a Respiratory Specialist (which took place after I was discharged from hospital!!)  Turns out I do have mild asthma.

Since then I've been a lot more cautious about coming into contact with people with colds or flu; if I catch one and if I'm not careful they tend to go to straight to my chest which means more antibiotics (which I am loathe to take not only because of the side effects but also I don't want to build up an immunity to them as I may really really need them again one day!)

Don't get me wrong antibiotics have their place and indeed they saved my life. The RVI Hospital in Newcastle did an amazing job getting me back on my feet and I'm forever in their debt.

However I refuse to pop them down my neck them lightly and will try my utmost to find natural remedies first with the help of my amazing alternative therapists.

Enough about me, let's move on to those helpful hints and tips!...

How to Fight Colds and Flu Naturally and Effectively

The tips in these blog articles from my amazing herbalist Nick Hudis have been a huge help to me and has nipped many a cold in the bud for me and let me get on with my daily life and running the salon a lot quicker.

Beyond Echinacea: How to survive the winter part 1
How to treat colds and ‘flu’s naturally

Sambucol                         Holland and Barrett Vitamin D3
Images via Boots and Holland and Barrett

I now take daily doses of Sambucol Elderberry Syrup (easily available from Boots and usually on 3 for 2!) and a Vitamin D3 supplement from Holland and Barrett all year round.

Why not give these tips a try next time you feel a cold or flu coming on, they've worked wonders for me and may for you too.*

Herbalism and How It's Helped Me

Nick Hudis

Nick also sends me with a monthly bottle of prescribed herbs to help build up the strength of my lungs and keep my immune system fit and healthy. I've even managed to stop taking my preventative steroids (under the guidance of my doctor) and bonus I clear my throat and cough far less as the steroids were actually exacerbating these major symptoms of my asthma. I still carry around an inhaler at all times, but it's great to know I don't need to take daily steroids at the moment (fingers crossed!)**

If you live in Newcastle and would like to see an alternative therapist I'd highly recommend Nick, he's helped me and my family with various problems for over 9 years. To read more about Nick and his healing herbs click here.

* These links will take you to the website of a professional, certified and practising alternative therapist, but if you have a medical condition and have any concerns they may not be suitable for you, please consult your doctor first.

** Always consult your doctor or medical practioner before reducing or stopping any prescribed medication.

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