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Spray Tans and Self Tans - The Safer Option

We are all aware of the dangers of sun beds and over exposure to harmful UV rays. Research shows the main cause of premature ageing is UV (ultraviolet) radiation from either sun beds or the sun itself. AND let's NEVER forget the potential risk of skin cancer. When it comes to Vanity vs. Health - health wins hands down every time for me.

Bad tan
 WOW - it's really not worth it! Image via Pop Give

So the best way to look like a bronzed goddess, retain a youthful and healthy skin is to go for a Spray Tan or use one of the fantastic Self Tan products out there. There are many products available, but I prefer to go for the Organic ones that are free from nasty and potentially harmful chemicals - I don't see the point in having a UVA free tan if the ingredients aren't safe.

Nouvatan Spray Tan
Image via Nouvatan

So What Do I Use In The Salon?
I use the fabulous Nouvatan Organic Spray Tan. Nouvatan is fast becoming one of the nation's most loved tans, with a great selection of spray tans and self tans. Nouvatan is fantastic British family run business, who developed this amazing tan from a wish list for the perfect tan.

NouvatanLeaping Bunny symbol

100% active organic ingredients, dermatologically tested, free from harmful parabens, alcohol and oils and isn't tested on animals - fabulous! There are no bad smells, no orange or mud splattered look. You can even go shopping in it - you just look like you've been on your hols! Perfect and incredibly natural. Their tans leave the faintest of marks on your bedding and this washes off.

My clients can decide how dark they want to be, as I customise every tan using special booster drops.

I really can't rave enough about this company, their support and their products. My clients absolutely love it; I have many tan phobics converted. I have many clients with Eczema and Psoriasis who get great results time and time again. I have sensitive skin and have no problems.

In fact a well known film company In Hollywood California is now purchasing Nouvatan Spray Tanning 20% (dark solution) for use by their make up Dept... they cant say who because of customer confidentiality. But Nouvatan's reputation as being the best spray tan solution available has now crossed the pond !! I can't tell you how proud to be part of their team!

You can't buy Nouvatan on the high street, ensuring us therapists get a fair share of the pie! However you can buy them from my salon Rituals Beauty or email their friendly team to find your nearest stockist or therapist. The really are the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

Nouvaglow Gradual Tan 200ml £12.95
Self Tan Mousse Large 200ml £16.50
Self Tan Mousse Small 50ml £6.95
Applicator Mitt £3.50

A Brief Biology Lesson on Self Tanning!
The main ingredient in both Spray Tan and Self Tan is a sugar derivative called DHA (DiHydroxyAcetone). This lies on the top layers of your skin called the stratum corneum which is made up of dead skin cells. The tan reacts with the amino acids in these dead layers of your skin. Every day you shed millions of dead skin cells, which is why your sunless tan fades gradually.

Layers of the skin

When you have Spray Tan you will leave with a "guide colour" on your skin, not your actual tan. The guide colour is so the therapist can see she/he has covered your entire body with the tanning solution. Over a number of hours your tan will develop.

Most spray tanning companies nowadays offer a variety of intensities (% of DHA in the tanning solution), so you can have a number of choices on how dark you want to be. Some even have colour selections.

 Image via Nouvatan Liverpool

I always say to my clients "Don't panic if you think you are going too dark; remember your tan is underneath the 'guide colour', you will see your true tan when you wash it off the next day."

You should ALWAYS be asked to complete a 'Consultation Form' the first time you have a Spray Tan  in a salon and be given thorough 'After Care Advice'. Sadly not all therapists do - a major bug bear with me; hence why I write articles like this. Read my article Beauty Consultations - a Must!

For lots of great tips and advice on Spray Tans and Self Tans read my article on: How To Get The Best Out of Spray Tans and Self Tans 

To order any product from Rituals Beauty, call             0789 4120073      or email If you aren't local, I offer a postal service for a little extra cost. Now taking Paypal.


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