Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hero Product - Lush's 'Helping Hands' Hand Cream

I would like to introduce you to another of my 'Hero Products' drum roll drrrrrrrrr... my wonderful caring friend 'Helping Hands' Hand Cream.

Lush Helping Hands

This generous tub of miracles is from Lush - formerlly 'Cosmetics To Go'.

I discovered this little gem when chatting to one of their incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic sales assistants about another product and she gave me a sample of this gorgeous cream (they are so generous with their samples so you get to have a good number of applications of the product to see the benefits).

I just happened to mention I suffer from very dry cracked knuckles. Washing your hands constantly goes with the territory when your a therapist, and even though I had stopped using harsh antibacterial washes; I was still having the problem and no hand cream I had tried had helped. To top it all off I was developing sore itchy contact dermatitis from the gloves we are required to wear for treatments such as waxing and nails; exacerbated by (sorry to say it) erm sweating like a pig inside them!

This gorgeous concoction contains nourishing Almond and Coca Butter, conditioning and healing Shea Butter, healing and antithetic Honey, soothing Chamomile and anti-inflammatory African Marigold. All natural and incredibly effective. It's rich in Vitamin A so it's great for keeping the hands looking youthful.

It was invented for nurses and people like myself who have really dry over-washed hands. I would personally like to thank Mark the aforementioned inventor. No I don't know him personally but it says so on the pot!!

Lush Helping Hands
Instructions on how to use - it does make me chuckle!

The scent is beautifully understated and mild, so it doesn't over power your other delicious smelling lotions and potions like some hand creams can. The texture isn't greasy but is rich enough to sink in whilst leavings your skin feeling softer, nourished and protected.

Lush Helping Hands

AND as with all my favourite products it doesn't contain paraffin - so no leaching your skin of moisture...

Mineral oil or Paraffin (cheap by-products of petroleum) based products draw moisture away from your skin making the area dry out further when the product wears off. Read more about this in my article Are you using the right Lip Balm?

I urge you to try this product, it's frankly ruddy marvelous! I know the smell of the shop can smack you in the face like a 'sweet smelling but not fishy smelling wet fish' from 100 yards away!! BUT their products are fabulous, natural, ethical, not to mention down right clever and deliver amazing results.

Oh and if you take back clean 5 pots you get a free fresh face mask and they will recyle the pots to make new pots!
It’s as simple as scrubbing them clean and popping them to your local store where they are whisked back to the factory at Poole. Once there our supplier helpfully grinds them up and makes them into brand new pots again, it doesn't get much more closed loop than that. Via Lush
One last thing I simply must mention is that Lush make their pretty Knot Wraps (alternative eco-friendly, re useable gift wrap) out of their recycled bottles; heaven knows how and believe it or not they are super soft! See I said they were a clever bunch!
Lush Knot Wrap

Helping Hands is available in 100g tub for £7.15 - believe me a little goes a long way so it lasts for ages.


  1. Good shout, good present idea too. I didn't realise Lush used to be Cosmetics to go...my Mam used to have their catalogue when I was younger, will have to tell her! I have to say I am put off Lush by the smell and don't shop there because it irritates my nose but since they do stuff like this I may have to venture in with a nose peg on!

    Might be a good idea to tag these sort of posts with "Hero product"...so tis easy to find the others...just a suggestion that I would find helpful :) xx

    1. They do have a website too but the products benefits far out way the strong aroma of the shop!

      Thanks for the suggestion I have now added HERO PRODUCTS tag x

  2. Hmmm....I will be going to try this out since I also love LUSH products. I love them simply because they contain natural ingredients.


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