Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Why Does a Beauty And Health Blog Feature Cupcakes?

My husband asked me this question the other day...

Question mark cupcake


My 'Beautiful Cupcake Gallery' started off with a 'Beauty' theme and was such a success it grew from there. As the weeks went by I discovered other cupcakes I thought were equally beautiful and I just had to share - sharing is healthy

Not only are my Galleries fun to do, but little boy gets involved as he loves scanning the web for inspiration with me; so quality family time is involved - very healthy and incredibly important to me and my family.

Family time

To me a healthy life isn't just about looking after your body with products and food; it's also about an all round balance and a huge extra portion of enjoyment.

I love to feed my family and friends, so I share my recipes.
I adore reading, so I share my favourite books.
I love visiting beautiful places, so I share these too.

My blog is about helping you to live a healthier happier life and...

I truly believe that you should...

Healthy living


Everything in moderation

because we are on this planet to....

Love life


Live life

ENJOY SOME CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
preferably made with excellent quality ingredients and home baked hee hee!

Images via:
Question cupcake - Flickr
Precious moments - My Fun Cards
Take care of your body - Healthy Life Tool Kit
Everything in Moderation - Etsy
Live Laugh Love Yours Truly Was Here
Baby eating cake - Jen P Photo


  1. It is really very nice message that we should take care of our body because it is only place where we have to live spread by the above images. I like this post and images which are mention here.

    Stage 4 cancer

    1. Thank you very much it's lovely to receive such great comments.


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