Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Get the Best out of Waxing

It takes up to 4 treatments to really see the benefits of waxing – so start now and get the best results for a super smooth for Spring and Summer.

You should have 3 weeks hair growth before you have your first wax (first ever or after a break). 

It is normal to not be completely smooth when you first start having waxing. Following the Wax Queen Lori Nestore's methods, I never tweeze the small hairs left as they are at a different stage of the “hair growth cycle” and we want all the hair to be long enough to wax at each visit. It really does work – my regular waxing clients now have none or very little short hairs after their monthly waxing sessions. 

Waxing the hairs every 4 weeks will encourage the “hair growth cycle” to be in sync, allow the skin to become used to waxing - making it less painful and making you hair free for longer! Leaving more time between waxing will start the whole process all over again.

Many salons offer courses for treatments which saves you money  – my salon does 6 for the price of 5 or 10 for the price of 12.

Planning Your Waxing Session
You should stop doing any hair removal approximately 2-3 weeks (depending on the speed of your own hair growth) before your waxing appointment, this will ensure your hairs are at least) 1/2 - 3/4 cm long (the recommended length so there is enough hair for the wax to grip onto and for comfortable removal). You can always trim the hair with scissors if it's much longer.

For the ladies I would highly recommend avoiding the couple of days before your due to start your monthly cycle and during, purely because your pain threshold is generally lower during this time.

Preparing For Your Waxing Session
To get the best results you should exfoliate the area the day before your appointment in the bath or shower using a loofah, body scrub or exfoliating mitt, this will remove any dead skin cells and lift the hairs ready for waxing.

On the day of your treatment avoid applying any body lotion to the area as this could prevent the wax from attaching to the hairs.

In Between Waxing Sessions

Shaving and hair removal creams stimulate the hair growth making it come back quicker, thicker and darker and will knock the “hair growth cycle” out of sync, so please don’t be tempted to use these in between appointments – be patient and it will really pay off.

To prevent ingrown hairs, after your skin has calmed down, gently exfoliate the skin 2-3 times a week in the bath or shower using a loofah, body scrub or exfoliating mitt. 

It's definitely worth investing in a good Aloe Vera based after wax product to use after your session and the next few days to cool and soothe the area and speed up the healing process. Your therapist will stock these.

Using body lotion on the area every day will help keep the skin soft, supple and help the new hairs push through normally.


  1. Thank you for this,I have never tried anything other than shaving and no matter how much I moisturiser I feel as tho my legs seem dry which I assume is due to irritation through shaving,do u recommend any home waxing treatments x

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    We don't have as many sebaceous (oil) glands on our legs and that's why they tend to be drier than the rest of our bodies. Shaving can make the problem worse as you are upsetting the acid mantle layer (thin oily film) which protects our skin.

    I would highly recommend waxing at home or salon as you will be hair free for longer and the hairs will go back finer.

    VEET strips are very good if you want to wax at home. I now wax myself with my salon kit, but when I used them I found rather than rubbing them in your hands to warm the wax; I would warm them either side with my hair dryer - much more effective.

    Also I would have some natural Aloe Vera to hand to keep putting on after waxing to cool down any irritation. Phytobotanica ( does a fabulous one, Aloe Vera is ultra cooling and healing - I use as an after sun or on any irritated skin. Lastly follow the advice in my post for "In Between Waxing".

    Hope this helps.

  3. Thank you for your post!This Post is fabulous! Lots of great info including, There’s nothing worse than a fantasy of smooth skin that ends with a nightmare mess of bumps, lumps, redness, peeling, and irritation. Many of us struggle with sensitive skin, due to genetics, exposure to environmental pollutants, lifestyle, and a host of issues.


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