Friday, 15 June 2012

Home Made Beauty Rituals - Natural PMT and Menstrual Pain Remedy

If like myself you suffer from that monster called "PMT" taking over your body every month or have a daughter going through puberty or approaching it; then this easy peasy recipe could help. 

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1 drop of good quality Roman Chamomile Essential Oil in your body lotion every day throughout out the month regulates the hormones and can help reduce or alleviate symptoms of PMT and menstrual pains. For pre-teen and teenagers add 1 drop to 20ml of body lotion.

Roman Chamomile

Interesting Fact:
Girls start hormonal changes approximately 3 years before their period's
 start - WOW am I glad I have a son?!!

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PLEASE ALWAYS take note of the contraindications (condition or factor in which the use of a particular product or treatment is not advised) of the various oils. Always do the patch test before applying the oils to detect the reaction of your skin. For use on pregnant women (or trying), babies & children, or if you have any medical condition, please refer to a qualified Aromatherapist first. 


  1. Ah, that explains why I was already hormonal at the age of 8!! Must bookmark this for Tiana later. xxx

    1. Try from the age of 3 honey - sorry couldn't resist!. xx


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