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Worried About The Recent Press On Safety of Spray Tans?

You may have read in the press recently about the links between Spray Tans and fertility or cancer. Confused? Well read on...
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I'm not a scientist and don't know all the brands ingredients lists on the marketbut I did cover this briefly in my article Spray Tans and Self Tans - The Safer Option back in June:
Spray Tans and Self Tans - The Safer Option 
We are all aware of the dangers of sun beds and over exposure to harmful UV rays. Research shows the main cause of premature ageing is UV (ultraviolet) radiation from either sun beds or the sun itself. AND let's NEVER forget the potential risk of skin cancer. When it comes to Vanity vs. Health - health wins hands down every time for me.
So the best way to look like a bronzed goddess, retain a youthful and healthy skin is to go for a Spray Tan or use one of the fantastic Self Tan products out there. There are many products available, but I prefer to go for the Organic ones that are free from nasty and potentially harmful chemicals - I don't see the point in having a UVA free tan if the ingredients aren't safe. Read more...
I know the press are renowned for scaremongering and blowing things out of proportion; but on this occasion I agree there are certain tanning brands out there that do use these harmful chemicals. As always with links with cancer etc. there often isn't any concrete evidence and it takes a long time to prove these things. However I for one don't want to take the risk, especially as there are products available that don't contain these chemicals and give amazing tans.

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Those who are conscious of the dangers of sunbeds must be mortified that the Spray Tans and Self Tans they have been using could turn out to be unsafe too. The companies who use these chemicals need to seriously look at safer formulas, there is no excuse, as I said before there are fantastic products out there which don't contain them and have amazing results. 

Please don't think just because your tan is a well known brand or expensive or you go to a nice salon that it won't contain these ingredients - it's always best to check and you can always contact the tanning company direct as they are obliged to tell you. 

I'm very proud to say my salon, Rituals Beauty has always used Nouvatan which was not only chosen for it's amazing natural colour but most importantly it doesn't contain these nasty chemicals. My client's safety and health concerns are paramount to me.

Here is a quote straight Nouvatan themselves, following the recent reports:
OFFICIAL NOTICE! Anyone who has seen the scare mongering in The Sun this morning regarding spray tanning. You will be pleased to know Nouvatan does not contain any of the chemicals mentioned as being a potential danger. And never has done. 
To recap Nouvatan Spray Tan and Self Tans have 100% active organic ingredients, are dermatologically tested, free from harmful parabens, alcohol and oils and aren't tested on animals.

So next time you are thinking of having a Spray Tan or purchasing a Self Tan why not search for a local Nouvatan therapist or email their friendly team to find your nearest stockist or therapist. You can rest assured with Nouvatan you can have a safe NO UVA Tan!

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