Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Beautiful Cupcake Gallery - Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! I've been very busy lately and haven't had a chance to do some cupcake searching, but I couldn't let Halloween pass by without a exhibit in my Beautiful Cupcake Gallery...

Halloween cupcakes
Pretty girly gothic cupcakes by Mama Doreen's Cupcake in Yorkshire

Monster cupcakes
Cute monsters from Yummy Cakes By Lynn

Halloween cupcakes
Cupcake Graveyard from It's My Treat By Janice

Halloween cupcakes
Haunting but stunning! Via Blush Paperie

Halloween cake pops
Frankenweenie Cake Pops - so sweet! Via Flickr - Bakerella

Halloween cupcakes
I love these decorative Boo Frame Cupcakes by Petit Cali Cupcakes

Now for some Halloween recipes - great to do with the kids ...

Halloween cupcakes
Great idea - Pull Apart Graveyard Cupcakes via Food Network

Halloween cupcakes
Simple but very effective ghosts -jumbo and mini cupcakes, held together by marshmallows and cloaked with fondant, by Martha Stewart

Halloween cupcakes
Great twist - Broomstick Ghost cupcake via First For Women

Halloween cupcakes
From the Sunshines - how cute are the picket fence cases?! If you can read Bulgarian you can even make them yourself!

Cauldron cupcake
Bubble bubble toil and trouble. Cute cauldron via Good To Know

Now this isn't made out of cakes or sugar paste, but it's so cute and so clever I had to include it!

Halloween table
Halloween Candy Scene by the very clever Mamas Minis

Have a great Halloween hope you get lots of treats xx

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