Saturday, 28 April 2012

Clever Jewellery Storage Ideas

I've been browsing the blogosphere and the web to see what ideas are out there for making your own pretty jewellery storage. 
 Jewellery storage idea

Clever Jewellery Storage
This is such a clever idea- Shabby Chic Dangly Earring Display - complete with tutorial! By Kevin and Amanda

Pretty Jewellery Storage
I adore this tea cup storage idea, it's so pretty. Mind not sure I'd fancy dusting this room - oh how I hate dust and dusting! 
Image via The Decorista 

This would save on the dusting though - pop them in the drawer!
Jewellery Storage
Visit The Look Today to see this and 6 other great DIY ways de-clutter your beauty closet.

Jewellery Storage by Catherine of Hallelu
Wow who'd have thought chicken wire would come in handy in the Boudoir?! This belongs Catherine the owner of Hallelu

Jewellery Storage
Wow! I wish I had enough jewels to fill this stand! Via We Heart It

Jewellery Storage - old drawers
Kill two birds with one stone, store your precious photos and jewellery. Image via HGTV

Jewellery Storage
Pretty lace hangings from La Folie Couture blog

Gosh some people are just so creative and imaginative.


  1. Eee and you didn't include the one I have on Ghost, shame on you ;) xx

  2. Shame on me indeed! Here it is folks! Stunning work by Ghost Furniture!

  3. gorgeous! I love the dangly earring display so simple but so pretty x

  4. I love the lace one best, as you can also add your stud earrings as well!
    Others really don't offer that option.
    Great job!
    Kelly in Texas


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