Sunday, 26 February 2012

Beautiful Cupcake Gallery - Cameos

From being tiny I've been fascinated by cameos; my mum had Wedgewood cameo eggs and brooches and I was constantly looking at them and stroking them... I love to stroke - maybe that's why I massage for a living ;o)

For my 21st birthday I was given a beautiful antique jade cameo by my colleagues, but sadly it got damaged beyond repair.

I also adore cupcakes and am fascinated and amazed at how intricate they can be. So here is the start of my Beautiful Cupcake Gallery. They look far too pretty to eat don't they?

How beautiful is this Vanilla Bean cupcake from Rachel's Custom Cakes? It's decorated with Swiss meringue butter cream and fondant decorations - yum yum. Oh and hand-painted with edible gold dust no less - wow!

Katie Cakes love the pretty pearls

Vintage Pearl & Cameo Cupcakes Cupcake Pictures the vintage pearls and lacy cases give these an incredibly elegant feel - as a true cameo should be.

Wonderful Wide World of Cupcakes blog in Perth, Australia - I absolutely love the presentation on gorgeous tray, stunning - lucky Perth!

One of our local "mum's who make", I have had some very clever and very tasty cakes from Bev

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