Saturday, 25 February 2012

My Pamper Time is Over :o(

Well I'm back and what a lovely afternoon I've had, I feel like a new woman! And this picture shows exactly how I am feeling about Jessica GELeration!

My GELeration nails look amazing. After what probably felt that an hour to the poor therapist, I eventually decided to have the Sexy Siren colour and its soooooo pretty!

So is it a Polish or is it a Gel? Well it paints like polish, but performs like gel - a perfect combination. Jessica's philosophy is to develop the long term health of your natural nails and this has been carried on with GELeration hurray! The whole process is kind to your nails. Weak, broken or bitten nails can be revived and refreshed. Great as an ongoing maintenance treatment, for an occasion, or to help grow your nails.

Like all the Jessica range this product is amazing, it has really blown me away. GELeration is a new generation in soak-off nail system. It is a "hybrid" between a gel and a polish, it doesn't chip, fade or peel and it's super shiny with no need to use a top coat. It is much thinner than I expected so looks super natural. It dries in seconds so you leave the salon with dry nails - don't tell your man though - we still need a good excuse not to do the washing up!! Your nails look like new every day and super shiny. It's removed in minutes with a special soak off solution.

For fellow therapists who haven't tried GELeration yet, the product literally does paint on like a varnish, I was a bit sceptical but it really does, it's not thick like the older systems in the pots. It is much quicker to do than and a lot easier, plus as the bottle is getting low you don't get those awful stringy, claggy bits you get with varnishes  - so no waste, a definite plus. You can cure them under a UV lamp or LED lamp.

Jessica recommend you use their intensive conditioning Phenomen Oil at home to keep your cuticles and nails in tip top condition. Lucky I have lots of that in my home salon! I'll report back with how they last over the next few weeks. In the meantime I'm going to be flashing my pretty hands to the world!

I will cover my  Aveda Chocolate Sensation facial in another post - off to relax now, then friends for a curry - yum yum!

Have a fabulous weekend x


  1. i love having pamper time, and i usually use orly gel fx great products and great post xxx

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment Aimee, they are looking fab and still shiny on day 3 x


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