Monday, 4 June 2012

I'm Back!

Well we have thoroughly enjoyed our break in the sunshine with the family. Great company, lots of sun and relaxation, an abundance of amazing food and wine and many many happy memories to cherish.

We have had...

lots of quality family time,

wonderful Mr and Mrs time,

visited some stunning places,

Santa Barbara Castle
steeped ourselves in history at Santa Barbara Castle - Alicante,

oohed and aahed over old town Spain,

hand made ice cream
tasted the most delicious ice cream - twice!

Pescado Frito
gorged on amazing Pescado Frito at the beach,

giggled like school children over this sign,

Spanish sunset
and seen stunning sunsets with our gorgeous family.

Oh and we have had some very memorable moments to say the least - hee hee those who were there know what I mean! ;o) sshhh! Look forward to doing all again next year! xxx

I feel thoroughly refreshed and well relaxed. Mind I can't believe there was a little heat wave in the UK while we were away. We have returned to having to wear jumpers and popping the heating on again! Some June this is hey!?

thank you sign
Image via All Spun Out 365

I hope you enjoyed my fantastic guest bloggers as much as I did. I've got plenty new books on my wish list thanks, have a yearning to visit my sister and family in Paris and am very touched by my mum's lovely post all about MOI! - hee hee it's fab to be called sexy at 40 even if it is by your mummy!

For those who are celebrating, I hope you enjoy the Jubilee long weekend! Off for some Pimms and scones, tata!

Jo Malone Crown
Jo Malone special-edition crown via Fashion Magazine

Sara xx

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