Monday, 11 June 2012

Beautiful Cupcake Gallery - BBQ and Picnics

It doesn't look likely us Brits are going to be enjoying countless BBQs and picnics during this so called 'Summer’...

Summer rain
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Well I'm going to politely stick the 'Vs' up to the weather and dedicate a post to some amazing BBQ and Picnic cupcakes instead!

BBQ cupcake
OMG how cute is this ickle Kettle BBQ?
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For full instructions on how to make visit Zen Cupcake

BBQ cupcake corn on the cob
Mmmm corn on the cob, so much tastier on the barbie!
Image via Half Baked The Cake Blog

BBQ cupcake
So realistic yum yum! By Smiley's Sweets And Creations

BBQ cupcake
Who needs the real thing hey?

Teddy Bears Picnic cupcakes
So sweet -Teddy Bears Picnic via Victoria's Kitchen's on Flickr

Mind the downside of eating alfresco is the blinkin ants...
Picnic cupcakes
Pretty but yak me no like ants on my food! By Autumn Carpenter

Picnic cupcakes
I love the presentation on these cupcakes by The Icing On The Cake

Picnic cupcakes
Ah balmy summer days - dream on Sara!!
Image via PurthePoohBear's at Flickr

Campfire cupcake
I hate camping - no good for the hair or the back! But I do love tea round the campfire, especially toasted marshmallows!

Finally please please please bring us some good weather! Pretty please with bells on top!

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