Friday, 22 June 2012

Beautiful Cupcake Gallery - I'm Searching for Cakes

Calling all clever, artisitc Cupcake Makers...

Image via My Wey Of Life

If would like to see your work of art featured on one of my 'Beautiful Cupcake Galleries', please email me your images and I'll save the best to go into my future posts.

Oh and I am always happy to receive image of beautiful artistic biscuits/cookies and cakes as these often get featured too.

Bibi's Bakery in Edinburgh
The elegant Bibi's Bakery in Edinburgh. 

It doesn't matter where in the world you are; you can own a cupcake store, have a home baking business or simply love baking; it really doesn't matter as long as they are fab!

Home baking kitchen

Your images MUST be high quality, in focus and beautifully/cleverly presented - i.e. no dirty dishes in the background!

The theme needs to fall into one or more of these categories. Your cupcakes can be simple or extravagant, they must be unique and most of all excellent - something you are very proud of!

Beauty - could be skin, hair, beautifying, beauty products
Natural Beauty
Beautiful places
Film and TV

If you have a gorgeous cupcake you think is worthy, but doesn't fall into these categories but fits in with the theme of this blog, then drop me an email and I'll have a peek.

Cupcake Voyage Exhibition
Cupcake Voyage Exhibition
Cupcake Voyage Exhibition at Harbor City, Kowloon
Images via Wahbiang

Take a look and see what themes I have already posted: Rituals Beauty - Beautiful Cupcake Galleries 

Email your images to
Please make sure you include your website, blog and facebook/twitter/flickr or other social network pages links so I can link them back you. I never feature an image without a link back. I look forward to seeing them!

A little polite note on respect
I will never publish anything offensive, unprofessional, bad quality or insensitive.

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