Friday, 24 August 2012

I've Been Published!!

I'm really proud to announce I've had a letter published in the leading beauty association BABTAC's members magazine Vitality.

woman typing
Image via LA Girl Diaries

I wrote in response to an article on whether the stereotype 'bubbly but not too bright beauty therapist' often portrayed by the media and television still stands today and whether it's a harmless bit of fun or damaging.

Here is my response!

perception of beauty therapists
perception of beauty therapists

I must add the article was fantastic and many well respected therapists and business owners set the record straight on what we are really like and how hard we have to study to gain our qualifications and continually develop our skills and knowledge in an ever changing industry.

Thank you BABTAC for giving me the opportunity to air my views.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Beautiful Cupcake Gallery - Bird Cages

I have recently installed some stunning art in the salon - well strategically placed some gorgeous stickers I found!

I'm getting so many lovely comments about them especially the jewelled bird cage. As always this led onto a blog post idea, and so to my Beautiful Cupcake Gallery dedicated to pretty birdcages...

Bird cage cupcakes
Stencilled cupcakes by The Pink Cake Box

Bird cage cupcake
How sweet is this? By Lilrose at Cake Central

Bird cage cupcake
Dainty Bird Cage Cupcakes found at The Cupcake Blog

Bird cage cupcakes
Beautifully presented vanilla cupcake in a birdcage complete with instructions! At Free Vanilla Recipes

Monday, 20 August 2012

Hero Product - Jessica Fusion for Peeling Nails

I have many clients with peeling, flaky nails that chip easily. Well I have a fantastic product that will solve the problem. The most common mistake is people using the wrong basecoat which exacerbates the problem.

peeling nails

The rule is if your nails peel/flake the only basecoat treatment you should use is one specially designed for peeling nails. Strengthening treatments will just plump out the peeling layers making the problem worse.

Jessica Fusion

My nails peeled and chipped for years until I trained with Jessica at college and was introduced to one of my best buddies Fusion. I'm quite sceptical about wonder products but Fusion caught my eye, I had nothing to lose, plus joining the Beauty Industry I was seeing more and more beautiful nails and wanted mine to be part of that gang!

I was amazed with the results, the only time my nails have peeled since have been when I've peeled my gel nails off (embarrassed face!) and when I had pneumonia. I just reached for my trusty bottle and et voila... beautiful nails once more!

Many of my clients have had amazing results using Jessica's Fusion at home too. It contains rubberised resins which fuse the layers of the nail back together to prevent further peeling and chipping. It also contains Vitamin A which strengthens and conditions the nails encouraging healthy growth and layer development. You can wear it as a basecoat or as a clear varnish.
  • Apply 2 layers every 2-3 days. 
  • Your nails will continue to peel until the problem area grows out, so keep trimming/filing the nails with a soft file.
  • File in one direction rather than sea sawing back and forth as this can make them peel more.

Jessica's GELeration can be used with a coat of 'Build' over the basecoat to help peeling nails too. Most importantly tempting as it may be, never peel off your gel nails as you will remove layers of your nail with it!! I learnt my lesson well!

Jessica's treatments never cease to impress me, many clients, friends and family have had excellent results with their different basecoats and cuticle treatments. So why not give it a go?

healthy  nails
My nails nowadays!

Available from my salon Rituals Beauty in Newcastle upon Tyne:
Midi size 0.5 fl oz - £11.20
0.5 fl oz -£17.95.

To order yours today call 0789 4120073 or email If you aren't local, I offer a postal service for a little extra cost.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

I've Done Another Guest Post!

Back in July I was asked to write a guest article for Sage One the online accountancy software company on "How to Juggle a Home Business in the School Holidays When the Kids Are at Home" and well it would be rude not to share it with you! (I use their product by the way!)

I am a mother

Running a Business From Home During the Holidays
July 17th, 2012 by Sara Phillips

I run my business, Rituals Beauty, from home and I don’t think running a business from home during the holidays with kids around has to be painful – as long as it’s the right kind of job and you have a good work life balance – oh and your kids are relatively tame! Read more...

Where The Wild Things Are
Children's Classic Where The Wild Things Are via Crazy Famous

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Fussy Little Eaters?

Our son has always been a great eater and appreciative of food, he does love a meal in a good restaurant or cafe. We did have a period where he would only eat finger food and that was tough on the imagination to say the least.

kids food
Image via Pinterest

As you know I love my food, it hasn't always been the case, as I child I wasn't actually picky but just had better things to do with my time. I survived on very little and was so skinny my brother used to say I looked like a little matchstick with my red swimming cap on! Seriously though I don't know how my parents stayed sane to be honest.

So if your little angel isn't keen on food then maybe try one of these a lovely food-art ideas or why not get them to create a piece of food-art themselves?!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Incredibly Clever Cookbook Holder Idea

I don't know about you but my paperback cookbooks have precariously placed heavy objects to hold them open on the counter and also get covered in food splats! Problem solved... I found this genius idea on Facebook yesterday, one of those ideas I wish I'd thought of myself!

cookbook holder idea
Granny's are so resourceful - waste not want not as my Nan used to say! Image via Power Home Solutions

cookbook holder idea
Jen's Just Desserts have taken the idea and made it uber-cool!

Pimp it up by covering the unsightly plastic with a pretty fabric or spray paint it to match your kitchen's accent colours.
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