Saturday, 10 March 2012

Beautiful Cupcake Gallery - Make Up

OOOO I do love a cupcake, especially super creative ones. So here's a little gallery of rather clever "Make Up" cupcakes.

"Ladies Night" cupcakes from The Canadian Living Crazy Cakes Contest - cute lil OPI nail polishes!

No make up collection is complete without some uber glam Chanel!

Tom Ford lipsticks from Sweet Things.
The matt frosting looks so scrummy!

LOL look at those strip lashes, fab! Image found on:

I love anything with pearls, the eyeliner looks so real! How delicious does the the frosting look yummy! Image found on Makeup FTW

AND Saving the best till last ...

 Anna Sui collection from Lil Missy Cupcake.
WOW and double WOW! This is one lil clever lady. 


  1. How very clever and SO YOU xx

    1. LOL I know, just wish I could make them myself! I can't stop looking at the Anna Sui one's, don't think you could bring yourself to eat them! x

  2. i love those last ones amazing! thanks for stopping by my blog i was looking for your email to contact you i would love if you did a guest post on my blog about beauty if your interested email me

  3. Hi Fancy Lady, thanks very much for your comment, I'm still amazed at the Anna Sui cupcakes. I've updated the post as she kindly emailed me the link to her website, as I had just found her her blog.

    Thanks so much for the invite to do a guest post. I have sent you an email. x

  4. I love these! It makes me feel both hungry and like I need to buy things. Amazing!! x

    1. Lol a woman's dream come true...and a mans nightmare! x


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