Saturday, 10 March 2012

Google Friends Connect - has now closed

Ok I'm quite new to this blogging thang and didn't really know an awful lot about Google Friends Connect, saying that I got rather used to seeing my followers lovely faces on my lil gadget. However sadly Google decided to close it down on 1st March 2012, so anyone who was following me via Google Connect; will no longer receive my updates.

I'm rather confused that you can still click to join though grr! I haven't removed the gadget as lots of other sites still have it, so I'm investigating why... before hitting the delete key!

The GOOD NEWS is you can now follow me at via any of these sites:

OR sign up for email updates 

All active links on the left. Hope this makes sense and thanks for following me!
Sara x

Since writing this post I've realised all is not bad, as I am with Blogspot (owned by Google) Google Friends Connect still works. If you are a blogger and are not with Blogspot then this will apply. Very confusing sorry x


  1. I dont really understand it either but I'm still getting updates.

  2. LOL just been told by a fellow blogger that if your blog is on blogspot (which mine is) you can still use GFC because it's run by google. Any third party blogging host like wordpress or livejournal can't use GFC.

    Will have to amend my post! Sorry for any misleading but if your blog isn't on blospot your's won't be updating members.


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