Monday, 26 March 2012

Beauty Treatment Consultations - A Must!

Facials are very relaxing and a lovely treat but they are actually meant to TREAT your skin not just your soul - not just a deep clean and a nice massage. It is lovely compliment when someone falls asleep on the bed as they are so relaxed, but that’s a tiny part of my job – the main part it’s about getting results for my customers. To get maximum results a consultation is a MUST!

It drives me mad when I go into a salon and they don’t take the time to do a proper consultation. This applies to any beauty treatment from a simple eyebrow wax, spray tan, pedicure and right through to full body aromatherapy massage or facial.

Consultations are an important ongoing record and are there for a very good reason. Every single therapist should ask you to complete one tailored to the individual treatment. They should include any medical problems, recent medical treatment, allergies and give a picture of your lifestyle. Also any changes to these should be highlighted at future appointments.

There are certain conditions which may mean your treatment needs to be adapted or could actually prevent treatment (contraindicate) or you may need a doctor's note to give your therapist the go ahead. So it’s really important that your therapist is aware of these conditions.

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For instance if you were booked in for a massage and you were trying to conceive, could be or were pregnant; I would avoid using products that contain essential oils which can stimulate the womb or regulate periods including Clary Sage and Peppermint. I would choose products which contain what we call the ‘safe oils’. I would also avoid certain trigger points that stimulate the uterus.

If you have a nut allergy – we would need to avoid products that contain nuts. If you are a diabetic, firstly I would need a note from your doctor and as your skin could be thinner than normal, I would ensure I used a lighter pressure in any massage, including manicure and pedicures.

I always ask my clients when they book, if they have any medical conditions or are on any medication – it saves disappointment and allows me to research conditions I am not familiar with in advance.

If you are on certain medications such as Acutane (for acne), you would need to be off the medication for at least a year before any waxing could be done, as your skin could be more prone to sensitivity and lifting.

Your lifestyle gives me a picture on your fluid intake, diet, exercise and job. This helps me in treatments such as facials – if you only drink a couple of glasses of water a day and your skin is flaky and tight, then you need to increase your water intake as your skin is suffering from dehydration.

This is a brief picture of what Beauty Therapists can pick up from a thorough consultation – it doesn’t have to be formal, but provides us with an ongoing picture of you and helps us treat you much more effectively, professionally and gives our clients confidence that they have chosen a therapist who is professional, thorough and cares about the well being of her/his client.

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So next time you visit a salon – remember no matter how small your treatment, you should be ALWAYS asked to complete a consultation form. x


  1. great post! I love going for a facial/massage x

    1. ah thanks. me too even better when your therapist understand you, your lifestyle and your body x


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