Saturday, 3 March 2012

Jessica GELeration Day 8

Here's an update you on how my new Sexy Siren Jessica GELeration nails are getting on, on day 8...

Still SUPER shiny, no chips, wearing or lifting and they are, as the days go on I am even more impressed!


  1. Can I ask how long this lasted in the end? Just trying to compare against Biosculpt gel which I think lasts a bit longer but maybe costs a bit more & takes longer to apply.


  2. Hi Sue, it's still going strong! I will be putting up another picture this weekend. I'm dying to try a new colour but it still looks amazing and I'm getting so many lovely comments.

    I used to do Bio Sculpture and I find GELeration is quicker to apply, thinner and feels a lot more robust and has lasted longer than Bio Sculpture does on me - I don't feel like the sides could peel either due to them being so think. And bonus the same price!

    Hope this helps


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