Saturday, 24 March 2012

Beautiful Cupcake Gallery - Spring Is Here!!

I've had a fabulously busy week in the salon, but that hasn't left me with much time to blog. I'm off for a girlie weekend, but to celebrate the start of spring; I couldn't resist doing a little Spring Cupcake searching first!

The pink and green are my favourite colour combination, so pretty! 

Sweet spring garden from The Complete Cupcake

Aww little seedlings growing up! From mimicafe Union in NYC

Not officially cupcakes, but they deserve a place in my gallery.
Spring Posy Mini Cakes - simple elegance from Peggy Porschen.

Spring is all about new life - chubby spring lambs from Lando complete with recipe - great for the kids to try!

Hilarious little spring chicks complete with handbag! 

Wow another amazing UK home baker Mrs Baker's Cake in Swindon
This clever lady has just launched an online Cake School with tutorials- £24.99 with a minimum of 24 a year - bargain and a great gift!
May treat myself - doubt mine would make these galleries mind! 

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