Friday, 7 September 2012

Pure Torture!

I've just had news the Kindle Fire Family is coming to the UK! I got my Kindle for my 40th birthday less than a year ago so I really can't justify buying a new one - but I tell ya... it's going to be pure torture!

Big drool coming up....

Kindle Fire
7" LCD Display, Wi-Fi, 8GB

Kindle Fire HD
7" HD Display, Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Dual-Antenna Wi-Fi, 
16GB £159 or 32GB £199

The Kindle Fire Family is a range of tablets set to rival Apple's IPad which I adore by the way! The Fire is different to previous Kindles with web access, apps, games, email, movies and more! It has a new high resolution colour screen - Oh My! and with speakers on both sides it sounds blooming fab! The original Fire previously only available in the US is now on it s 3rd upgrade. The HD version will be available in the US from September 14th so us Brits are not having to hang on for very long this time!

If you haven't got a Kindle, are dubious about them or love the feel of a book in your hand, I really do highly recommend them. I've always been a bookworm and would spend my spare time as a child holed up in the library or in the corner of the children's section of the local bookshop, so I could never picture myself with one, however I couldn't go back now:

Darlington Library - my favourite place when I was little! 
How old do I feel... I could only find a black and white image?!!!

Here are just some of the great reasons to take the plunge!
  • Super light and super portable.
  • You still get to go shopping for a book - you just don't have to wait for the shops to open! 
  • You get to sample 2 chapters without fearing the shop assistant is going to tell you off!
  • Your hands don't suffer from the drying effect of paper.
  • When reading outside the wind doesn't flap your pages about.
  • When you on your hols, you can lie face down on your sun lounger and read it hands free - no arm ache from holding the pages still!
  • It's easy to read lying in bed, no dropping a heavy book on your face! 
  • If you're stuck on a word it has its own dictionary - just move the cursor to the beginning of the word and et voilà - a definition all ready for you!
  • If you forget who a character is, you can do a search and every occurrence of their name comes up for you to read that section.
  • And of course you can read Fifty Shades in public without being embarrassed!

There are now 5 Kindles to choose from starting form £69 - £199. Go on treat yourself; I beg you though please don't tell me if you get the new Fire! 

The Kindle Fire Family is being released on October 25th, but you can pre order yours on Amazon now.

Little update:
After posting this article, I received an email from
We're delighted to announce that the brand new Kindle family is now available for pre-order at all Waterstones bookshops....  
We're not stopping there, though. We're also busy rolling out free Wi-Fi to all our bookshops so that Kindle users can enjoy a new in-store experience. Look out for further announcements.
My gorgeous Waterstones in Emerson Chambers Blackett Street, Newcastle. Image via flickr

Also they will have digital areas for Kindle users to browse for books digitally and receive special offers and discounts in store.

Eeek I can't wait and what with their in-store new coffee shops, it makes having a Kindle even more fun! Ah coffee and books... Pure heaven!

If would like to order through Waterstones click here for more details.

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