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Hero Product - Eve Taylor Active Rub Muscle & Joint Gel

I can't rave enough about this incredibly effective aromatherapy Muscle & Joint Gel from Eve Taylor. I often pop some Active Rub on my clients at the end of massage treatments and get great feedback. In fact many of my clients have a tube tucked away in their bag when they need some soothing.

Eve Taylor Active Rub
Image via Eve Taylor

It contains a combination of Aloe Vera and a wonderful blend of time honoured warming and pain killing essential oils such as Marjoram, Rosemary, Ginger, Clove Thyme and Black Pepper. It smells fab too!!

Active Rub is so effective and has so many uses, I thought it deserved a blog post all of its own!
The new alternative to conventional muscle and joint gels. Easily applied, Active Rub is immediately effective, (kicks in, in about 2 minutes) without the nasty lingering smell.
Active Rub does not rely on any heat process and with no uncomfortable burning sensation can be effectively used for all ages.
Unlike current brands available active rub’s combination of Essential oils in an Aloe Vera based gel provide a triple active effect.
Active Rub is formulated to soothe sensitivity, draining toxins and stimulate the circulation.
Wonder Woman
Active Rub is like Wonder Woman in a tube!

Times when Active Rub has come to the rescue:
  • On my foot when tripped over a huge concrete block on holiday! Ouch!
  • On my hands when they have become tired from massage - before I learnt my hands free tricks!
  • On my son's twisted ankle
  • On my shoulders from a hard day's work in the salon and at the computer
  • On my sore tummy muscles from Pilates class!
Other uses:
  • Any activity or job that creates extra stress and strain on the muscles i.e. computer/desk work, nurses, teachers, gardeners 
  • Aches from lugging around young children - I like to call it 'mummy shoulders'! 
  • Tired aching feet - after a night out in heels or shopping!  
  • Pre and after sports - I always carry one in my gym bag.
  • Great for joggers
  • Golfers
  • Marathon runners
  • For those whose mobility may be impaired due to muscle or joint sensitivity.
  • Sprains
  • Repetitive strain
  • Helps ease discomfort for Rheumatics and Arthritis
  • Children's growing pains - on children be sure to use a very small amount
  • Eve Taylor herself uses it every morning on her shoulders, hips and knees. She is an unbelievably sprightly lady at 80 years, but she tells me her stiff joints do need a kick start when she gets out of bed.
The list is endless....

Eve Taylor OBE
The lovely Eve receiving her OBE. Image via Spa Business

Available from Rituals Beauty at only £6.99 for a 75ml tube. Remember a little goes a long way!

To order any product from Rituals Beauty, call 0789 4120073 or email If you aren't local, I offer a postal service for a little extra cost. Now taking Paypal.

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