Wednesday, 5 September 2012

It's The Little Things...

Just had to share this lil story with you as it's so sweet!

I would never have thought our son's new little walk in 'pick n mix' cereal bar I created for him today would have got such a fantastic reaction from him. You'd have thought I had got him a Nimbus 2000!

Cereal storage

Major hugs and gushing praise, he said 'I love it, it's the best thing ever, it's like a sweet shop!".

Who said kids nowadays only appreciate expensive toys like DS's and PS3's?! Super duper looks like Santa will be pimping his wardrobe for Xmas!


  1. Where or what company can I buy these containers? Thank you :)

    1. Hi Michelle I got them from Asda.
      Thanks for reading x


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