Friday, 14 September 2012

Mornings Will Never Be The Same

I'm not the best on a morning, I like my own space for an hour or so just to get my happy hormones flowing. But being a mum of a school child that's not always possible.

Don't Like Mornings
Image via I sell Dreams

So to get me going on a morning we listen to Chris Moyles Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 1 on the school run and boy does it make us laugh. Well no more...

Chris Moyles Breakfast team

Today I watched and listened to the last ever show and I must say it was rather emotional.

The first time I ever heard of Chris was when he had the very early morning show on Radio 11 and my Grandfather's funeral featured as a question on his quiz - not I didn't hear it but a colleague did!

My Grandad Bill's funeral made the national news in 1997 when it stopped the traffic in Hartlepool and we played the theme tune to 'Match of The Day' when people came in and Monty Python's 'Always Look On The Bright Side of Life' when the coffin went behind the curtains. He was such a funny, popular man I'll never forget him, he was like a second dad and I so wish our son had met him.

Grandad was sports mad (watching rather than doing!) He was constantly flicking the TV over to check the scores and when Teletext was born he was in his element. You could be watching Neighbours and you could be sure Teletext would pop up just as Charlene and Scott were about to kiss! I tell you he would have watched pea shooting if it was on the TV!

His funeral flowers from the family consisted of his favourite team QPR at the top of the league on a Teletext screen and a tea pot with a tea bag hanging out of it - boy did that man love a cuppa with his sport!

So to round things up I'd just like to say Chris and the team will be sadly missed on my daily grumpy school run!

Best of luck to Chris and all of your fantastic team in your future projects. Thanks for cheering this lady up on a daily basis. Take care xx

Nick Grimshaw Radio 1
Nick Grimshaw image via NME

And best of luck to Nick Grimshaw and his team - look forward to hearing your new breakfast show.

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